PanelDuct® is pre-insulated flat-packed metal ducting which easily push-fits together onsite to form durable HVAC ducting.


The PanelDuct® system has undergone several years of development resulting in a product that is far superior than anything in existence. Several iterations of prototypes have been manufactured and evaluated, combining years of research into a product that now exceeds all test and performance requirements. Every consideration for technical performance has been evaluated, tested, improved and incorporated into the design.


PanelDuct® is a technological innovation that has the potential to become the de-facto standard system for modern cost-effective airtight ventilation. No other system offers the same level of air tightness, product performance and overall ease of use.


Main PanelDuct® Features:


  • PanelDuct®’s system is flame-retardant to Euroclass Bs1d0.

  • PanelDuct®’s One Fix installation minimises onsite labour.

  • PanelDuct®’s self-aligning assembly requires no hardware or tape.

  • PanelDuct® can be ordered with anti-microbial lining for ultimate hygenics.

  • PanelDuct® can be fully retrofitted and integrated into existing installations.

  • PanelDuct®’s compact volume is convenient for onsite storage and handling.

  • PanelDuct®’s complete size range covers more than 400 different cross-sectional areas.

  • PanelDuct® can be ordered online via mobile phone App for onsite convenience.

  • PanelDuct® can be ordered in plastic coated colour options or self-galvanised finish.


Key PanelDuct® Benefits


  • Most Compact

    PanelDuct® PanelDuct is delivered to site in flatpack form, requiring only 20% of the usual storage space.

  • Quietest Operation

    PanelDuct®’s composite panel materials offer the best noise suppression on the market.

  • Most Durable

    PanelDuct®’s outer metal skin is more than twice the thickness of the nearest competitor.

  • Low Cost Delivery

    PanelDuct®’s compact delivery volume requires only one fifth of the hauliers’ involvement.

  • Lowest Leakage

    PanelDuct®’s airflow leakage is significantly less than that of the market leading competitor.

  • Best Insulation

    PanelDuct®’s interlocking design gives a U-value=0.062 W/(m2·K), the best on the market.

  • Quickest Delivery

    PanelDuct® is pre-manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and is available off the shelf, awaiting immediate dispatch. There is no waiting time for fabrication.

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