A Ground Breaking Evolution in Ducting

Installation is Quick and Easy.

PanelDuct® is installed in a single fix with a self-aligning assembly that requires no hardware or tape.
PanelDuct®  is delivered to site in flatpack form, requiring only 20% of the usual storage space.

PanelDuct® can be ordered in plastic coated, RAL colour options or self-galvanised finish.
All panels feature integral compression seals, providing an airtight system.


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PanelDuct® Benefits



  • Highest Energy Efficiency

    PanelDuct®’s unbeatable air tightness can enable savings of 10% over traditional running costs.

  • Most Compact

    PanelDuct® is delivered to site in flatpack form, requiring just 20% of the storage space.

  • Quietest Operation

    PanelDuct®’s composite panel materials offer the best noise suppression on the market.

  • Most Durable

    PanelDuct®’s outer metal skin is more than twice the thickness of the nearest competitor.

  • Low Cost Delivery

    PanelDuct®’s compact delivery volume requires only one fifth of the hauliers’ involvement.

  • Lowest Leakage

    PanelDuct®’s airflow leakage is significantly less than that of the market leading competitor.

  • Best Insulation

    PanelDuct®’s unique interlocking design gives a market leading U-value of 0.62W/(m2·K).

  • Quickest Delivery

    PanelDuct® is pre-manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and is available off the shelf.

PanelDuct® can be ordered complete with an internal anti-microbial lining, as is suitable for clean room environments.

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Certification Logos

All PanelDuct® products are fire rated to Euroclass Bs3d0 as per ISO EN 13501-1,

EN 13823 & EN 11925-2.

PanelDuct® complies with the requirements for CE marking in accordance with Construction Products Regulations (CPR).

Ductwork fabricated from PanelDuct® exceeds the insulation thickness requirements of ISO EN 12241.

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Research & Development Initiatives in this company are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.
Aim: To develop an airtight compression seal system and a panel assembly process that guarantees water and air tightness for all PanelDuct sections.

Result: The PanelDuct product was successfully launched into new export markets.

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